“Why should great sound be limited to the living room?”

…Dr. Roger West

In 2006 SoundLab introduced PX Technology opening the door for the possibility of a Commercial ElectroStatic Speaker. SoundLab, in conjunction with RezCom Systems, set-out to see if it was possible to realize a “ComStat Series” that could handle the demands of Commercial solutions.
Five Generations of ESL Panel Prototypes • Countless Design Hours • Years of Combined Field Testing • No AC requirement through Self Bias technology • Once Again, SoundLab Leads the Industry.
RezCom Systems LLC is the Exclusive Dealer for SoundLab’s Commercial Speakers. Any SoundLab Dealer that wants to add Commercial to their SoundLab product line simply needs to call RezCom or fill out the form below.

“ultimate clarity for commercial applications…”

Note: The links below navigate to the RezCom Systems LLC webpage.

ComStat Series – Powerful clarity in a small package
Custom Commercial Series – Custom Electrostatic Speakers created for any Commercial Venue

Commercial Inquiries: 801.615-5876 • Please call or send in the form Below:

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