Listening room decor and differences in personal taste present unique challenges to a loudspeaker designer.
To meet this challenge we have developed several aesthetic designs:

Ultimate Series

The Ultimate series employs a painted steel frame into which the electrostatic panel is integrated. The high mass and great strength of this frame insures that all of the vibrational energy of the membrane is converted to sound with virtually no energy being lost in the frame. The Ultimate frame has a space-age appearance that is very attractive in the modern motif.  Toroidal II and Hot-Rod technologies are standard with the Ultimate series.

Majestic Series

The decor of some rooms is such that it is desired that the presence of the speakers be subdued. This series was designed to fulfill this need. The aesthetic of this series provides a simple appearance, using elegant wood trim only on the sides of the panels so as not to be obtrusive to the decor of the room. Toroidal II and Hot-Rod technologies are standard with the Majestic series.

Audiophile Series

For people who desire a rich wood framework we developed the Audiophile Series appearance. The electrostatic panels are wrapped in a beautiful furniture-grade frame that compliments the decor of any listening room. A broad range of woods are available. Painted piano-grade finishes are also available.

Custom Series

In addition to our standard models we provide a service for those who wish to customize their speakers. Five electrostatic panel sizes are available, each of which can be mounted in any one of the three framework styles. In addition, there is a choice of two horizontal dispersion angles, 45 degrees and 90 degrees. 90 degree dispersion is recommended for wide rooms and 45 degree dispersion is recommended for more narrow rooms to reduce side wall reflections. A wide range of grille fabrics and woods are available. These options can be integrated as desired. Please contact us.

Home Theater

The excitement and enjoyment of a home theater system are greatly enhanced by electrostatic sound. From soft intimate sound to floor-shaking high-intensity sound, the Sound Lab home theater speakers will pull you into the action like “being there”.


Why should great sound be limited to the living room? Create the ultimate sound experience in a Commercial Venue with SoundLab created CS (Commercial Stat) series speakers. Everything from speaking to live music can now have the clarity we have enjoyed at home. We have a solution for any size venue.

Customer Installations

Photos of the beautiful installations that have been made by customers. Note how the speakers become a welcome part of the listening room decor.

Legacy Products

Requests have been made to show photos of products that have been removed from our current line of products. This section has been added for those who have interest in seeing our bygone speaker models.