New Toridal

The New Toroidal audio transformer is here and is now available! A new toroidal audio transformer has been recently developed that adds higher sensitivity to our speakers and can handle higher signal voltages. What’s more, this new toroid is capable of handling lower frequencies without saturation, giving amazing available energy in the upper bass region. The new toroidal transformer is standard on our premium models. However, it is available as an update option on other and older models. Please call your nearest dealer for details.

Here’s a few reports from recent customers:

“HOME RUN! These are KILLER. Gone is the loose bass. Immediacy and detail are dramatically better. And as you know, efficiency is much higher. And this is just with the system turned on for a few minutes and using the ‘cheap’ CD player.” B.W.

“Having had a few weeks to audition my M-1 PX’s with the new Toroidal transformers installed, I felt compelled to express my enthusiasm for this latest upgrade. What impressed me the most is that all the strongest qualities of the loudspeaker- clarity, balance, timbral honesty- are enhanced with this new improvement. Another bonus lies in the increased efficiency of the loudspeakers, which allows for a greater variety of choice in amplification. I pretty much felt the same way when I upgraded to the PX technology in 2008. As a professional musician who uses live music as my benchmark, I am gratified to find that the latest incarnation of Sound Lab’s products brings me closer to that ideal. All those at Sound Lab who are responsible for the constant refinement of an already excellent product are to be congratulated.” P.R.

“Just a quick note regarding my initial listening impressions with the new and much improved backplates. I’ve been listening to my U-1 PX speakers for almost two weeks now, so this is a preliminary assessment of the resultant sonic characteristics based on a number of recordings (LP and CD) I’m familiar with. The sound is now more robust and dynamic; it has a tighter bass response … it has greater clarity and transparency yielding more apparent detail; it has smoother highs and a wider and deeper soundstage (more 3-D than before).

Also, my solid state amp drives the speakers more efficiently and only gets warm, not hot to the touch, even after several hours of use. Presently, the volume control on my preamp, which displays settings in decibels, is set at a lower level than previously (it went from the mid-to-upper 70s to the mid-to-upper 60s).

Needless to say I’m delighted. Thanks again for your wonderful advice and excellent work!” R.M.