SALLIE is an acronym that stands for “Sonic Attenuator for Lower Levels of Interference Effects”. Dipole speakers, such as Sound Lab’s full-range electrostatic speakers, radiate equal energy from the back side of the panel. If the listening room is over-reflective audible interference patterns can result, manifesting an undesirable condition referred to as the “comb-filtering” effect. SALLIE greatly reduces this effect and helps save on expensive acoustical room treatment. Furthermore, the effect of SALLIE is adjustable by simply altering the distance to the back of the speaker. SALLIE isn’t visible since it is placed behind the speaker.


Coefficient of absorption exceeds 99% at higher frequencies

Useful Bandwidth:
250 Hz and above

Nominal Dimensions:
Height: 68 inches
Width: 12 inches
Depth: 12 3/4 inches Overall foot span: 19 1/4 inches)

Frame: Satin black
Wedges: Charcoal Grey

Weight per Unit:
15 pounds